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by Robert Reese
On January 2, 2018, there occured the year's largest tidal range.
The predicted higher high tide at 09:15 hrs was +6.9' MLLW.
The predicted lower low tide at 16:35 hrs was -1.8' MLLW.
The resulting ebb flow, was 8.7' in about 7 hours.
There is a narrow, deep hole off Fairbanks Point in Morro Bay
that is the scene of accelerated currents during such large
tidal ranges. I have seen actual whirlpools and standing waves
generated at this location at such times.

The earth is at perihelion (closest to sun) on Jan. 2.
It just so happened in 2018 that the moon and sun were nearly in
opposition (full moon: moon is on opposite side of the earth from the sun)
on that date which compounds the gravitational pulls on earth's oceans,
with the sun being the predominant force.
Had the moon and sun been in conjunction (new moon: moon is on same side
of the earth as the sun), the effects would have been even greater.
So, on January 2, 2022, the moon rise will be within 15 minutes of sunrise.
The predicted tidal range, according to NOAA, will be 9.0 feet!

Message from the SLO County Surveyor:
Effective January 1, 2018 there will be an additional $75 fee collected by the Recorder on all documents recorded with respect to real estate. This includes subdivision maps, Certificates of Compliance, and Records of Survey. Please see the attached "Senate Bill Information Guide" prepared by the San Luis Obispo County Recorder. The guide contains the language of SB 2, a list of documents that it pertains too, and a discussion regarding exemptions. For any questions regarding this new fee please contact the County Recorder’s Office. (781-5080)
Ed (please don’t kill the messenger) Reading
Senate Bill 2 information guide

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